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This is not the ASDF-install you are looking for

ASDF-Install is old and unmaintained. A much better option is to be found in Quicklisp.

The rest of this document is left intact purely for the historically curious.

What it is

ASDF-Install is the start of Common Lisp's answer to CPAN: an internet-based, dependency-chasing, installation system. ASDF-Install was originally written for SBCL by Dan Barlow and then ported to other Lisps by Edi Weitz and many others. It knows how to work with systems defined by either ASDF or MK-Defsystem.

ASDF-Install is a tool for downloading and installing lisp packages. It:

The best sources of information on ASDF-Install are

Mailing Lists

Where is it

The current asdf-install repository is on github and you can clone it using:

git clone git:// 

Note that Some Lisps (e.g., SBCL (since 0.8.3) and OpenMCL (since 0.14.1) come with a version of ASDF-Install.

You can switch over to the portable version using the git version above, this gzipped tar file or using ASDF-Install itself (though you will probably need to edit your local configuration files in order to use this version.

What is happening

31 December 2012

Finally updated the webpage to say "really, use Quicklisp! It's better and it's maintained".

13 May 2010

Picking up old threads. switched to git. incorporate Faré Rideau's ASDF2 patch

13 June 2008

Thanks to Scott Burson for pointing out that ASDF-Install has a README file (I had forgotten!) and that it was out of date. This, and the load-asdf-install.lisp file it mentions are now working correctly again.

2 December 2007 Dan Muller, Andy Cristina and Attila Lendvai greatly improve ASDF-Install's windows support. Thanks! These changes are in the unstable branch (see above)
7 October 2006 Updated to version 0.6.0; attempts to improve GPG handling by simplifying it. Added :where argument to the install command. Altered location handling so that 0 is always cancel. Began to rework tutorial.
17 May 2006 Moved from Source Forge to